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Talley Sheet Q1 2022

All of the most critical gear for the tower erectors, contractors, and professionals in the wireless communications infrastructure industry

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Diagnose without Climbing the Tower Anritsu's New PIM Masterâ„¢ B-series Diagnoses PIM Issues Reducing Time and Costs #WILMW82119B Cable and antenna systems are a cri cal link in any wireless communica ons network. The quality of the components and their installa on have a significant impact on network performance, site reliability, and ul mately, customer sa sfac on. To operate at maximum poten al, the cable and antenna system must pass radio frequency (RF) signals between mobile subscribers and the base transceiver sta on (BTS) as efficiently as possible (minimum loss, minimum reflec ons), and without genera ng unwanted noise (passive intermodula on). Diagnosing and troubleshoo ng PIM problems is an expensive and me consuming exercise. It not only requires hours of resources but also degrades QoS since the site has to be shut down. The problem is exacerbated by new bands such as FirstNet introduced into LTE networks that make the RF environment more conducive to PIM. PIM is a growing issue for cellular network operators. PIM issues may occur as existing equipment ages, when co-locating new carriers, or when installing new equipment. PIM is a particular issue when overlaying (diplexing) new carriers into old antenna runs. PIM can create interference that will reduce a cell's receive sensitivity or even block calls. This interference can affect both the cell that creates it as well as other nearby receivers. PIM is created by high transmitter power, so on-site PIM testing needs to be done at or above the original transmitter power levels to make sure that the test reveals any PIM issues. View Product Information (Article continues on the next page) SHEET QUARTER 1 2022 Talleycom.com FEATURED ARTICLES Anritsu Diagnose without Climbing the Tower RFS The Newest 5G Gets A Jump! ConcealFab The 5G Data Dance

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